Cool Video Tutorials on Flash Application

Flash Extensions

Recently, I was searching on the net and came to know about the flash extensions. Flash Extensions provides quality video tutorials regarding Flash and other related technologies. The content is aimed to help those starting to build applications with Flash, those transitioning from a previous language or platform to Flash (i.e. Java or .NET), and/or those who wish to learn new techniques in programming on the Flash Platform. Many of us are visual learners and therefore can learn more quickly by watching others, especially as it applies to Flash development. Flash does not follow many of the traditional conventions of other languages, which has lead to frustration when programming in Flash. They hope to help ease that frustration with a visual learning environment.

There are more upcoming Flash 8 video tutorials on the site.

They have following video categories on site. I hope it will be more in future.

  1. Design Patterns with Actionscript
  2. Actionscript 2 Fundamentals
  3. Actionscript 2 Intermediate
  4. Flash Applications with Eclipse
  5. Flash Tips

The best thing about the tutorials is that it is free.