How to generate pdf from html using php

I have been working on generating pdf using php. I was using ezPDF which is free, but not that much good. It is always mind stretching and panic to generate pdf by using free libraries. I was looking for a way that can generate pdf from html directly. Thre are many way to get pdf from html by means of generating ps files then ps to html.

There is only one good solution which can easly generate pdf from html is tufat’s html2ps and html2pdf.

Its free and amazing, Download It Free | Download the Developmental v.1.9.6

Note: If you are using html2pdf, you will find that if you use render image option enabled with fpdf selected, sometimes you will get the page not found error. if you not select image render option then pdf generate just fine. To solve this problem, download output.fpdf.class.php and replace with your existing one.

Enjoy your pdf generation from html and don’t forgot to thanks for such excellent work.