Sending a BitmapObject via Flashcom with use of getPixel & SetPixel Method

I had looking around on for some other thing. I had found that stoem posted that sending bitmap object via flashcom don’t working. I also tested out by sending as sharedobject using send method on client side. It is always traced as undefined.

There is an alternative method for it to send the bitmap object to all connected client using the getPixel and setPixel method by using new Bitmap API in Flash 8. This method is relatively slow in case of big image beceause it has to pass the large pixel array with the color information to all client. Client will process the pixel array with color information to generate bitmap on client side.

Here is the direct link of example: Screen Test
(Note: This example will take a snapshot from the webcam if you have connected and send it to all clients connected to server.)

Here is the fla link of example: Download Fla

I am also looking for any other solution or to speed up the processing of color information array. This Bitmap object will be very usefull to take a snap of any movie clip that run in flash screen and able to deliver to all client via flash communication server.

PHPDataGlue: Connect & Retrive Data To Flash Mx From MySQL Database Using PHP

I have seen that so many peoples in flash community using my component. I missed out documentation in old mxp file. I am posting its document and sample.

PHPDataGlue V1.0.1

Note : Only support for php script with MySQL database on unix/linux server supported system.

This component is basically used for retrive the data from the mysql database in recordset using the php script.

In this component the following parameter have been used:

Site URL: “This is the php script url.”
e.g.: http://yoursrevername/phpscript/connect.php

Host Name: “This is the database hostname.”

User Name: “Give the database username over here.”
e.g.: root

Database Name: “Give the database name that you going to access through script.”

Database Password: “Give the database password.”

Table Name: “Give the table name from which you need to retrive data.”

Would you like to see number of records per page? : True or False
This option will help you to fetch out the data in pages. If this set it to true then give the number of records that you want to see per
page. If this is set to false then every records are fetched.

Records Per Page: “Specify the number of records that you want to see per page if the records per page is true.”

Page Number: “Give the page number from that you want fetch the data.”
By default this is set to “0”.

Note: In all above for better security purpose, define the host name,database name,table name,database user name,database password name
directly to script that is connect.php

In this component the following method have been used:

DBConnect(): “Use to establish connection to the database.”

LoadData(): “This will load the all data to PHPLoad name array object of this component.”

InitUrl(): “This method only use when the use has enble the option of records per page set it true.
It is use to initilize the current recordset and load the next data on the recordset.”

InitMC(): “This method only use when the use has enble the option of records per page set it true.
It is use to initilize the DataHolder Movie Clip in the component mc and load the data in rst Array object of the DataHolder Movie Clip.”

Tips on Variables :

1. PHPLoad (Array) : “This is the array holding the some of the variables coming from the php script.”

2. PHPLoad.loaddata: “This variable is used to check the data is loaded or not like preloader of movie clip. you can use it on mc.”

3. PHPLoad.total_recordset: “Holds a total number recordsets.”

4. You can access the recordset in this way :

Recordset will hold in movie clip named DataHolder inside the component. so you can access like this :


This item could be found in the Components panel in Flash MX as PHP Data Glue.

Download: PHPDataGlue
Sample: In Action
Readme: Readme.txt

I will repost this component again with more features enabled soon with full documentation.