Windows Vista: Slower Downloading or TCP/IP Auto Tuning Problem

I have install the windows vista RTM build version. I am really amazed the looks and performance of windows vista. It has detected almost all my hardware devices except sound blaster card.

After setting up network on my pc. I tried to download stuff by a means of any download manager and i noticed that download manager does not able to download fast when you generally spilt up download file into number of threads. This is beceuase of windows vista having TCP/IP Auto Tuning to ON, which is future stack implementation of TCP/IP, but sound like not working properly. To resolve this issue just open up the command prompt as administrator or type this in run window:

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

After you get the OKÂ text on command prompt exit from it and reboot your computer.

Check your throughput with MySpeed (try before and after to see the difference).

Sooner or later when microsoft will resolve this issue i am sure i love my vista to be work with auto tuning on. 🙂

NOTE: this only fixes the SPI issue. It will not help gain performance under other circumstances.Â




Windows Vista Screenshots

Windows Vista

Check out fact sheet (features) of widows vista from here.

You can check out more screenshots from here.

More more more…screenshots from here.

I will definately take a atleast one ride of Windows Vista Beta 1.

Windows Vista (Formerly Codenamed Longhorn)

Windows Vista

Microsoft publically annouced that the official name of next generation OS codenamed “Longhorn” would be Windows Vista.

They also started Windows Vista Beta 1 testing for the developers and IT professionals, will now be available by August 3rd as opposed to their previous date of July 31st.

View: Windows Vista Website
View: Press Release

The new name was originally unveiled in Atlanta, Georgia at the company’s internal sales event known as the Microsoft Global Business Conference (MGB).

Download: Naming video for Vista
View: Screenshot of video

I am sure new Windows Vista will definately bring clarity to your world. Even xp clarity is still rocks.

I found so many peoples don’t like the new name Vista. I really liked it, Vista sound new vision may be take micorsoft on more top of industry.