Actkid has been now upped and rocking, this identity Actkid originally conceived as a place for me to show of my skills in Flash only. But, some how I realized this can be much better place if I show up all skills in all areas and put some good thought and some geek stuff over the site as a blog.

cropped-561663_10151096744799072_312666816_n.jpg Ritesh Jariwala is the developer, designer and everything behind this site. I came into this world on June 24 th , 1980, spent long time into school, and spent 4 years to get a bachelor degree in Computer Science from the South Gujarat University in 2001. Currently I am living in a Surat .

I am always passionate about the Internet getting a work from it. I have

been done job for just 2 years after graduation then started freelancing. I am enjoying freelancing which makes really free to choose good and quality project to work over it. I had worked over some good projects listed under portfolio.

I have no site before this, my good friend JD suggest me to start blogging to make some place for myself and to contribute my existing knowledge with all of you who do blog & read blog and this is for you.

Details on this particular page is latest as of May 27, 2005 and correct to the best of Ritesh Jariwala’s knowledge.