How to enable showing queries in Code Igniter profiling?

Its been now a while using CodeIgniter (PHP Framework), but i have been keep finding new stuff when face some dramatic problem. I have to enable a profiling in one my work and come accross a problem that profiling not showing any queries even database is selected.

To solve this problem goto system/database/DB_driver.php look for :

var $save_queries    = FALSE;

Set save_queries variable from FLASE -> TRUE so your new settings will be:

var $save_queries    = TRUE;

It will now show a queries into profiling. 🙂

How to kill process running on some port?

I have been facing a problem of how to kill a process running on some port. After some digging out on net i found out.

Here is a command line code (sort of shell script)

lsof | grep IPv | grep 3001 | awk '{print $2}' | xargs -l -i kill -9 {}

It did work for me :).